HRDC Somalia

Women And Child Protection


Gender-based violence is a gross human rights violation, but it continues to be one of the most downplayed, overlooked and tolerated violations of human rights in existence. Men and boys are also affected by SGBV, but due to a weaker socio-economic status in society, women and girls are more vulnerable and are more targeted. This is especially the case during conflict or political or economic instability. We can change this reality.

HRDC gender-based initiatives support women’s groups and victims of SGBV. Through legal aid and human rights networking and counseling programs, HRDC supports those facing injustices and denial of human rights. HRDC empowers women at household and community level to improve livelihoods and to enhance their ability to meet traditional roles of providing for the family. Interventions target households to empower them with coping strategies with changing circumstances.

In order to design evidenced-based programs that responds to the needs, in order to protect women, girls, boys and men from SGBV, and provide timely and quality lifesaving services to SGBV survivors in line with SGBV principles. HRDC plans Community sensitization and mobilization campaigns to enhance the knowledge of the communities on harms related to SGBV including Female Genital Mutilation/Cutting (FGM/C) and child marriage.

Child protection
Our programs address a wide range of child protection issues, including combating the harmful practices, child labor; unnecessary institutionalization; violence in schools, homes and communities; corporal punishment; child marriage; and lack of birth registration, among others. Violence against children not only harms children, but it also undermines progress in other areas, including health, education and economic livelihoods.

Ending violence against children is central to HRDC’s advocacy at every level — from raising awareness with children, families and communities to influencing policy at all levels of government. We also educate families and communities about ways to prevent violence against children and advocate for social norm changes like ending corporal punishment and early marriage. In addition to advocating for social norm changes, HRDC works with community members to raise their concerns to local and state-level officials.

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