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Over 2.6 million people, or nearly ten percent, of the Somali population live in protracted internal displacement. Another one million Somalis are in displacement in neighbouring countries, bringing the total displaced population to approximately 20% of the current estimated population of Somalia.

Our programs are directed at refugees, returnees, vulnerable host communities, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Somalia. HRDC strives to facilitate people-centred development programmes and to support livelihoods and create opportunities for marginalized and disadvantaged peoples.

Overall objective: To facilitate and support durable solutions for IDPs and Refugees in Puntland. Specific objectives: To substantially improve living conditions of IDPs and Refugees through the establishment of governance systems, increased Housing, Land and Property Rights and social, economic and political inclusion.

In order to ensure a strategic, targeted and sustainable approach, tailored to the Puntland-specific displacement and socio-economic context, two outcomes are identified feeding into the specific and overall objectives, adding value and ensuring sustainability. The two intermediary outcomes, or results, are:

1) Strengthened local governance structures through capacity building and enhanced accountability mechanisms in order to make relevant offices and institutions accessible to IDPs and returnees and enable authorities to assume their primary responsibility to gradually enable durable solutions processes in Puntland.

2) Employment generation in support of improved access to affordable housing and protective and basic service delivery to IDPs and returnees